FUTURE 12-K Form System

   Simple but effective beam and slab decking for conventional casting works, FUTURE 12k form is the best alternative where the Table form system is not applicable. It can be assembled and dismantled easily for fast operations and various concrete slab decking structures.


Conventional but Better

What makes FUTURE 12k form system better than the other conventional systems, Is that it usesa lightweight Aluminum beams to serve as ledger and joist which makes the assembly faster and easier.

12k Form System picture gallery


FUTURE Table Form

   The System is designed to be the ultimate solution for Rapid and Repetitive slab shoring work for high rise structure. Due to the systems easy assembly and versatility, Future Table form could also be used for Repetitive horizontal slab shoring such as in: Schools, Manufacturing plants, Hospitals, Treatment plants. etc.


Increased Productivity

FUTURE Table Form ensures:
                •    Fast workflow easily assembled and moved from floor to floor.
                •    Cost efficient minimizes labour costs by up to 80% compared to a normal slab formwork system.
                •    Lightweight Typical table weighs 30 – 35 kg/m² including plywood.
                •    Fast Casting Cycles a typical floor could be casted as fast as 3 days.



FUTURE Frame System

   Lightweight, Versatile Aluminum Frame form system capable of casting slabs of any height.  FUTURE Frame system provides a safe working load of 80 KN,Maximum safety even with large shoring sites and a unique turn lock bracing system for Rapid erection and stripping of the system. The systems versatility allows it to be used as flying table form.


Highly efficient

Used in different types of civil works:
            •    Viaduct, Overpass junctions.
            •    Light rails, Bridges.
            •    Shopping malls, Hotels.
            •    Water works projects
            •    Power plants.
            •    High slab shoring.